My mentor has super smart friend, a brilliant young woman who recently got married and her baby is 4 months old now. Last week she reached for her teacup one morning and could not lift it. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) starts like this, out of the blue. The immune system starts to attack the joints and the periosteum as they were vicious enemies.

A lot of research went into RA in the past decades, and now they can “officially” link RA to trauma and PTSD. Let’s face it: we have inside us the awesome and frightening power to make ourselves sick to the bone from one day to the next. Just imagine for a second what if we could use this power to heal and to get better!?

In his recent book Liminal Thinking David W. Grey gives a fine rundown of our perception of reality that I can concur with from my 15 years of meme studies for my PhD. 

He describes these layers: Actions, Beliefs, Conclusions, Assumptions, Interpreted Reality, Selected Reality, Reality and facts.

Reality and facts: nobody has seen those. Ever. We all can only percieve selected slices and items of reality that we interpret, and we base our assumptions on these, we make conclusions based upon these and these create our beliefs. 

In short: we are in essence creating our realities all the time, as a basic modus operandi. Now, if we want to lead a lucid life, then why not take charge and start to consciously create our reality? 

The young woman with RA told my friend she will not see me because she "does not believe" in the psychological roots of illnesses. She is a member of MENSA so she knows her stuff. Problem is that obviously there is an other part of her that strongly disagrees! And this part "believes", so deeply, that it could make her very very sick. While a part of her rejects the thought that her conscious and unconscious thoughts can make her ill - this other part of her are doing just that. Her own parts are seeing a very different ‘selected reality’.
If self-love sounds way to woo-woo for you (just like ‘creating your reality’ did when you started to read this short post) then let’s just call it ‘being your own friend’. In this case it practically means to let your different parts talk to each other and sort out such an important case where you health is on the line. 

I wish her MENSA part will give her traumatized part a break and just let her find a way to me or to somebody who can help her uncover and heal her wounded part. She can get better very soon, but time is running out as the disease takes over. 

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