I CAN HELP YOU FIND YOUR PURPOSE, OVERCOME your leadership impediments AND reach your goals.



What is Co-Creative Coaching?

We live in a volatile and uncertain world. Instead of finding something to hold on to, find and strengthen your core. Co-creative coaching helps you ground yourself in your inner world. In our sessions and by creating your efficient daily practice you will thrive and not just survive in today's complex reality. Find your inner leader. Get in touch with your true North. Find your own way. 

You know by now that the outside challenges are always the easier ones, while the inner obstacles could be crippling, hindering your progress. That is where I can help you to help yourself. In our session we put a unique focus on developing your abilities as a creator: creator of your life, your business, your art. Through harnessing your creative powers you will open up new growth prospects and break through previous personal limitations. Leadership means having inner resources and the power to choose the right leadership style in the right moment. If you can do a seamless switching in your styles it means you will be in your full power whatever happens.   





Who is Co-Creative Coaching designed to help?

Purpose&Play is for leaders who wants to move towards living and leading from more consciousness. For me a leader is somebody who has followers. You can be leading a corporation, a company, your startup or your cause in an NGO. You can lead your political movement or as an artist lead your followers to the culture your create. I believe that everybody has the potential to make a difference as a leader.

Examples of issues we focus on with the leaders who turn to co-creative coaching:

  • How can I lead my team empathetically?

  • hat are the real roots of the stress and anxiety inhibiting a healthy lifestyle?

  • How can I overcome obstacles affecting my daily interactions?

  • Why do I feel my emotions taking control of my logic?

  • Why do i find myself feeling powerless in team meetings?

  • How can I step into my full power?

  • How do I establish an efficient mindfulness practice to bring balance and calm into my life

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Coaching Engagement APPLICATION

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I def feel a change, every time I feel unhappy or guilty of what I have I bring my inner child into the room and he reminds me of the struggle, of how I’ve worked hard but most importantly, that I am STILL working hard and so there’s nothing to be guilty of. It’s been very helpful in that way, to know I deserve what I have because I’m awesome :). I want to do more of this. It’s a great tool to use throughout my day. I’d like to do another session sometime soon.

- D.M.


Had a sesh with Laszlo, It’s the real deal! Opened up subconscious blockers I didn’t realize I had!

- D.L.
Dear Laszlo, thank you for the session. I feel I am a new person.

- Henriett Braun
An unforgettable experience. Struggle and release. Tension and then calmness. A very exciting journey! Thank you for being my guide. Your method is unique and a must to be tried out!
- Andrea
Hi Laszlo, thank you for the session yesterday, really helped me to release some of the big issues that I carried in my mind lately.
- Silvestro
During my sessions with Laszlo I have been able to tune into a place of stillness and truth. A deep knowing of what is real for me without the noise or distractions. He has a beautiful way of guiding and leading clients while holding them in a place of potential and safety. I would absolutely recommend a session with him
- Lara Tabatznik, 42 acres