my name is Laszlo Karafiath, I am 44 years old, and I am a conscious leader. My purpose is to lead more leaders towards more consciousness. 

Okay, so what does that really mean?

For me a leader is anybody who has followers. Not only business or civil or political leaders but artists are leaders too since they lead their followers to different cultures. And since the birth of the world wide web anybody and everybody can be a leader.
Being conscious means for me that we strive to see through Three Illusions of the Ego and break through The Three Separations of the Self. 

Our ego is capable of creating many illusions, the three main illusions that I sense most commonly are 1) our ego constant and stable and that 2) our ego is solid and unified 3) our ego states are either/or, I can only be either this or that person.  

My experience suggests that if we see through these illusions, we see our real selves. Ever changing and composed of many parts and subpersonalities in a quantum state of both/and.

The Three Separations are that we are separated from nature, from each other, my fellow humans, and from our own god-like natures. All of these have long and exciting histories for a longer explanation but right here right now the point for me is to break through them.
Sounds simple so far? Well, the trick is that we have to do this every single day.
‘Nothing becomes real unless you practice it’ says Thich Nhat Hahn. We need repetition and daily practice to change our world so we can change ourselves so we can change our world so we can change ourselves…

‘We are in this together’ might have a been more effective message from the Creator, then ‘We apologize for the inconvenience.’

We are all connected, and it is lovely to see how quantum physics converge to the conclusions held by ancient spiritual wisdom.
I help conscious leaders to get connected to the “quantum field", where they can sense others' consciousness and where they can manifest their vision, not against, but for and with their employees and partners and the natural environment.
Conscious leaders are the ones who learn and know the difference between working from ego vs. working from the field. I think that is why the best conscious leaders like Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, and Paul Polman, are inimitable at manifesting “their own reality”. The quantum worldview informs that we are all creating our own reality by observing it.
I believe conscious leaders thrive by lifting up people. They take a coaching approach to leadership. They manage from love and not from fear.
In sum, I believe that conscious leaders believe that a company has to stand for and work for something way beyond making their shareholders money.
In the quantum field when two particles become entangled, a measurement of the state of one instantly affects that of the other. The relationship holds even if the two particles are separated by light-years.
We all come from the Big Bang, we are all part of the field, and we are all connected. 

The separations we percieve are nothing but mere illusions.
Being mindful and conscious helps us to see through these separations and brings us deeper into the quantum field. In my view, a conscious leader is one who manifests "their reality" in a constant conscious connection to this field. They are tuned in through empathy and millions of mirror neurons. They see the human being and not just numbers. The opposite would be the unconscious ego-war where non-conscious leaders use force and fear and bribery to get their agenda across regardless of the human or environmental costs.
I see capitalism as a great system - and I have had a close encounter with the other approach, growing up in socialist Hungary where my grandparents and parents suffered heavily, lost lives and property. But because this system is created and maintained by flawed human beings we need constitutions and good laws to prevent the abuse of humans and the environment.
Being is the new doing - this could be the guiding thought for conscious leaders. If we have the being the doing will come from that. Creating and nurturing this coming wave of conscious capitalism is a great opportunity for purposeful work.

Let’s create more conscious connections!