The human brain is wired for trance. Just imagine that when we turn on the lights at night, our ancestors turned on their minds. They journeyed into faraway places and strange lands in the tales and stories they told and retold to each other. They journeyed with others or they relived these journeys in their own minds. 

The right question is: how do we get out of trance? Getting into trance is super easy, we all do it, all the time.

Storytelling is trance. ‘Once upon a time’ - and you are gone to trance already! Movies are trance. Media is trance, proper hypnotic trance. Eye-fixation is one of the easy trance-induction, the same way you watch tv or fixate on the small screen of your phone. Every politician will try to put you in the trance of their own narrative, this is where we are coming from, this is where we are going, this is what is wrong with the country…

We keep our loved ones in trance. We try to convince them that you really meant to take out the trash or mow the lawn, it’s not your fault that the pre-game drinks has started already when the neighbor showed up. 

Every trance is self-induced. We are all saying YES to these mass trances, we are following the instructions because we want to. We think we want to. In my work with a client we both have to say YES for the work to begin.

Trance is basically a focused state of mind. Make sure that when you say yes to a trance that you actually know what you were saying yes to. Some trances start at an altar. Some with a push of a button, or a click of a mouse. We have to realize that when we start to focus on one part of reality we will get drawn in and our reality will change. 

Culture is trance. ‘The grass is greener’ is a trance. Continuous economic growth is a trance. When we focus on a meme like this we start to see the world through its lenses, and we get so accustomed to it that we forget that its only a thought, and there are many other lenses out there. 

We share culture so trance becomes compulsory. If you don’t agree get the hell out. We need to see your passion rooting for the home team or you get ostracized.  

You could say that when a client works with me in a conscious trance she is the least in trance in her life. We are diffusing, de-programming her trances. Meditation and trance work can keep us away from the other trances others try to put on us. Consciousness starts when you choose your own trance.

Let me know how I can help you get out of trance!

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