'No problem can be solved
from the same level of consciousness
that created it. - Albert Einstein

Purpose & Play Leadership Program

All the leadership - none of the stress? Is that even possible? Experience my focused and relaxing coaching sessions where you learn and grow while we use your full mental capacities. I help my clients achieve, maintain and navigate a super-creative state of mind that high-achieving leaders, scientist, artists use to reach peak performance. Here we can access different brain networks to access belief systems, archetypes, negative self-talk, different ego-states. 

In our sessions you’ll befriend your own states of consciousness. We access our inner parts, also called ego-states or sub-personalites. We access our leadership archetype. We can envision how changes will play out in the future so we can decide which action to take to reach your goals. These inner dialogues can change how you see the world. And that is indeed the best way to change the world. Instead of feeling like a victim of your circumstances you can start to feel into a reality where you are running the show. Our sessions empowers each client to create powerful deep changes in the important aspects of their life in order to reach their goals.

The P&P Leadership Program teaches you how to show up in your full power as a leader - without the stress that you fight every day. Our sessions are relaxing and rejuvenating even when we do hard work. We map your strengths and obstacles and use a precise roadmap of goals after goals. In just five session I help you to get you to start a new phase in your life. 

The program runs for 8 weeks which is enough time to turn your peek-throughs into breakthroughs and deal with any challenges and ongoing concerns that arise. I help you to build up a daily practice to activate your consciousness every morning. The resulting mindfulness experience will bring a new level of relaxation and focus into your life. 

After the intro session we do one session every second week and check-in calls on weeks in-between. I am also available on email and on the VOX app, where we can stay in touch. 

We focus on core issues — always tailored to your needs:

  • How to excel in leadership - without the stress

  • How to sustain creativity in your team.

  • What's holding you back from higher levels of manifesting.

  • What is your personal mindfulness practice that elevates your days?

  • Where do I want to go - and how can I get there?

Doing the program you will:

  • Manifest your vision and operate in your company on a different level

  • Learn about your leadership archetype, understand the roots of your own behavior

  • Get a broader understanding of what's possible by mastering other archetypal forces

  • See new connections between internal and external that lead to a holistic picture

  • Discover new pathways to create and lead

  • Attune to your team into one that resonates with your vision


  • Have FUN! Reconnect with the fun of creating, leading, and working with people to bring your vision to life

You will have access to new personal and leadership resources. We ground the new resources you have gained to everyday life, translate the new learnings into habits. We Integrate the results into your personal and business life. We build new brain networks utilizing our brain's neuroplasticity that really come to play with the mindfulness practice tailored to your goals.