Do you enjoy reading the news these days? I - not so much. This week I realized why: I am in opposition. I am on the outside. Being on the opposite side, being on the outside is being without love.

I realized my pain comes from being out of love with the world. Let me explain.

Last year I wrote about the paradox of love: 

"When you ask a loved one to change for you, what they hear is that you don't love them as they are right now. The only way to change a marriage will come from unconditional love for your spouse, right now. Only when they feel that they are fully accepted as they are will they have the courage to take a small step of change and look around and say: Am I still accepted as I am - right now? And right now..? And this is how change happens, in these small steps."

I was profoundly challenged by two new friends in two different conversations on my relationship to the powers in the world today. I realized, that I am in opposition to most of them, and that limits my ability to create conversations.

Where judgment is present, love cannot be present. Where judgment is present I am no longer really present, no longer able to love unconditionally. 

Maybe a small step for the human kind but a huge step for Laszlo: I realized that lasting change can only come through love. (If you dig revolutions maybe you have not been in one yet.) This is where everybody's fav Bucky Fuller quote comes in:

I think I have found the sentence omitted between his two sentences: "Instead of fighting it, love and embrace the existing reality." And then bring forward your answer to the challenges you see.

So this is my challenge for myself and for you in this moment: what is Your Work in the world when you are really in it? What is your work when you are fully present?

Your guide,

Dr. Laszlo