"When you sing root your feet down and touch them with an energetic touch. This is your trigger to be brave! Have fun! It's like a party!" - This is my client Vivienne's inner singer who we contacted in a session. Vivienne is a beautiful petite woman and her inner singer is a big black African-American lady, her name is Betty. She goes on: "You are singing for the people you love. It's not hard... this if FUN!"

My client has stage fright. Whenever she starts to sing for a group of more than 1 person she feels that paralyzing feeling, her body gets tensed, that strains her voice that just creeps up into her head and then turns into shame for not doing it right. Her voice cracks. This is not fun. 

This why she is not a singer, mind you. She always wanted to be one but never could do it for a living. She has a flourishing coaching practice now - and she would love to sing more if she could. Her goal: "I want to just be there trusting that it's gonna flow out seamlessly."

So we tune into that goal and her bodily feelings that show up supporting her goal - or hindering her goal. A heavy, expansive space opens up in her stomach, "like a gate". This takes her straight back to a memory: she is 15, singing joyfully in the bathroom when her mother comes in, listens to her singing and says: "Good. I am not going to have to work anymore!" 

Suddenly Vivienne feels her heavy look on herself and the change of energy in the air. "I wanted to do that for her. I wanted to save her. We were coming from poverty and she saw me as a chance to escape from our hand-to-mouth conditions."

But the joy was gone. It felt heavier now. She felt the pressure. The pressure to be perfect. The pressure to be the provider of their family of two. 

This desperation came from a hard life. Her mother felt helpless and wanted her daughter to rescue them. She saw her potential. But now this potential became entangled with desperation and Vivienne's career was over before it started. 

In our session we rescue little Vivienne from this memory and ask Betty to take care of her from now on. She happily provides the unconditional love and support she needs. What this means practically is that I help her to change her mindset on stage - from desperation to freedom and control. From the wounded child to her inner singer!

And by golly! Betty is sassy. She is having a subtle attitude inside on stage and that projects BIG on the outside. People tune into it. It captures their attention. Betty brings the spotlight on to Vivienne.

We now take a journey into the future. The best part in working with the subconscious is that we can try out how far we got. Vivienne is on the stage now, singing. "I can control my voice with that subtle attitude! Who knew Betty was there?!" She feels great, it feels empowering. She is a cool chick. She’s got that something that makes you want to pay attention to her.

This was a great first step, two weeks from now on our next session I shall see how Betty showed up on a real stage.

Do you want to know what Betty's parting message to Vivienne was?

"Don't be afraid to be bright!!" :-)


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