Over the last 22 years, I helped start Sziget Festival (Central Europe’s largest music festival), I created and sold an award-winning multi-million digital agency and as of the last 15 months, I have coached 212 clients -- these all share one immutable fact: I help others…help themselves. 

I love to help clients help themselves get better, have fun, get rich, and live happier lives.

After finishing a client session last week, it hit me. Now well into my (fourth) career as a coach, I have finally honed in on my purpose.

In each of my client sessions my purpose is to create a mental and emotional space for personal and professional development. The results, of course, vary, from good to great to awesome to even the occasional miracle. I’ve been lucky, I guess, that only a few of my client interactions didn't see have us aligning our energies.

I am grateful for a calling where I get real time feedback. The joy of watching brave people grow and evolve is the greatest gift. My shadow selves also evolve along with my clients: I have learned to temper the false impulses of trying to rescue people, of pushing people before they’re ready, of holding unnecessary expectations about my clients, or of needlessly challenging them to grow. 

Any of these impulses can kill a session.

Mindfulness is key in my practice and using our minds in an advanced way is key to a fulfilled life.

Currently in my coaching practice we work in three distinct directions with my clients in a session:

1) Meet your inner leader: Help you to access your own inner voices, your archetypes and sub-personalities. Help you realize that no one voice is you, and the best way to be balanced and mindful is to manage and groom your many 'voices’.

2) Set amazing goals and reach them: We open up a generative space between your conscious and sub-conscious mind to create amazing goals that resonate with you. We tune into what is keeping you from reaching your goal. Then we clear the obstacles and set intentions to reach that goal.

3) Boost your mind's creative capacity like Einstein or Tesla did: We silence the lizard-brain, float your goal/challenge and access our creative capacities, that usually hide from us, to come up with new solutions, to change or leave old patterns behind.

I hope to be able to do this practice for years and years to come, and I love the life long learning opportunity this brings. I am truly grateful for all your support, trust and curiosity. Let me know how I can help you help yourself.




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