Laker Girls Hawaii Finalists, courtesy of the LA Lakers

Laker Girls Hawaii Finalists, courtesy of the LA Lakers

"Marriage is so boooring! Don't you remember the thrill of the hunt? New night, new girl. Each conquest different. Remember the different smells… the different personalities… the feeling of completing the challenge! You always loved to wake up in a new house, in the morning after, you felt you were on the top of the world! We could never get enough of that." sang Augustus to my client, Peter. 

After many years and even more relationships, Peter had recently reunited with and married his childhood sweetheart. His marriage was great, but his physical health had taken a turn soon after the wedding. Peter's left knee had become inflamed and swollen. As a chef, who had to spend his entire shift standing, his career was in jeopardy. Doctors had prescribed anti-inflammatories and physical therapy, which appeared only to make the pain grow greater.

But who was Augustus?

Under a light trance, Peter and I invite his 'knee pain' to show up to our session. Lo and behold, a young man swaggers in. He's dressed in a silk shirt, flashy pants and shiny shoes. His one-time handsome face is badly burned and scarred.

He introduced himself as Augustus, Peter’s old wingman.

‘I feel like a goddamn burn victim! Your commitment is like napalm. You're married and I am burned and alone. Discarded. I've lost the will to live!’ - continued Augustus.

When we access our subconscious through body memory, physical sensations, like pain, can provide access to our subconscious thoughts and in some cases, to parts of our ego hidden from us. Once we have successfully invited an ego-part to have a conference with the client, we're in business. We find we can reason with this part of the client’s personality, and we can also invite other inner voices into the conversation to achieve happy outcomes.

We gave the fun-loving and charming Augustus a new job: turn every day into a date with Peter’s beautiful wife. We also give him permission to flirt with waitresses, Peter’s wife doesn't mind. Augustus happily agreed to finally leave my Peter's knee alone; his pain went away completely in a few days.

If you carry a pain and want to decode its message - let’s talk!

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