Juliette wakes up in a steamy jungle.  With dead soldiers laying at her feet.

Juliette is now a he, and as the first lieutenant of a platoon that had been viciously ambushed, he realizes how ineffectual he had been in protecting his comrades. He sinks to his knees as he is hit with palpable spasms of guilt, shame and fear.

Juliette is revisiting a past life.  A past life that is the source of an inescapable feeling of loss and failure to protect loved ones.

Do I believe in past lives? I get this question a lot these days, answering it was a lot easier a few years ago. Now I can say this: I do believe in the healing one can gain from past life regression.

Juliette is 33, and she wants to have a baby. She and her husband have been trying for many years with no luck. In our session we asked her higher self if there is a baby in Juliette's near future.

The answer was stark: No, Juliette is not ready.

Well, why not? And how can she be?

Her higher self replied: Only if she can move through her sadness and release her unconscious tension around responsibility and loss.

Together, we go back to the jungle. Juliette realizes that she is crippled by a fear of losing her baby, a fear that originated from the aftermath of the ambush.

Going deeper into the events in the jungle, she comes to the understanding that as a lieutenant she/he is strong, can survive, but cannot protect all the others all the time.

Instead Juliette realizes, she has to take a different tack. Instead of trying to protect them all and in the end, protecting none. She has to teach the soldiers how to fight, how to spot danger, how to stay alive -- how to protect themselves without her.

So we roll back the clock to a time before the ambush and watch how Juliette transfers expert knowledge to the platoon. Juliette reports on the grueling training sessions and extra bootcamps, how her lieutenant takes care that everybody in the platoon knows the ins-and-outs of jungle warfare. We let the time roll forward to the attack when this time, the entire platoon is ready. After a tough firefight, they survive the attack and march on.

Sometimes the answers we seek are hidden in deep layers of the subconscious, somewhere in the common unconscious maybe. Nevertheless finding the obstacles and clearing them is possible, many times we can observe small miracles.

A few month later Juliette became pregnant! Sadly, her pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage but Juliette, no longer held back by a tension of loss and shame, knows that she is on track now.

Taking a past life journey can be the solution when the clients' problem has seemingly no roots in her present life. Like Juliette who had no idea from where this memory of deep loss came from.

Do you have a deep feeling or a recurring thought that seems out of place, out of space and time? 

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