“My boss is killing me! Yesterday, just like everyday, he barged into my office while I was on a conference call, barking orders at me, demanding better sales numbers. This is after a record quarter!"

This is how John answered my question of "What's bothering you?"

"I cannot stand up to him. I have tried to give him a piece of my mind at least 15 times, but I simply cannot start. I'm a coward.”

John is in agony over a situation at his work. He runs and partly owns a huge organization that boasts tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. His boss is a co-owner of the factory; in reality, his boss is not even really his boss.

The reality about reality is that it doesn't exist: Only our subjective perception of it exists -- which is why everyone has their own personal reality.

Hence, if John feels that a certain part of his life or a ‘performer’ in John's reality does not behave the way he would like it’s time for him to realize: John is in conflict with a world that John has himself created.

The creator in John is his subconscious mind. His subconscious is still connected to the source of John's creation. As John started his journey in the womb, and then as an infant, and a small child, he automatically stored memories in his subconscious -- some bad, some good -- as well as occasionally suppressed traumatic memories. 

Today, with my help, John is learning that his subconscious mind designs and creates a specific reality for his conscious mind to observe. That's how the subconscious communicates with the conscious.

John's reality is not random -- there are clues, hints and patterns strewn throughout his life. John can learn from these what his subconscious is trying to tell him, and then take appropriate action.

When John came to me, he complained of burnout, fatigue and hypochondria. Together, we have now learned to recognize the messages from his subconscious so we can understand the causes of his behavior, and his reality. He already feels better after just a few sessions and last week he told his ‘boss’ they need to sit down and talk.

This is your time to understand the signals your unconscious is sending to you - and understanding those signals is 90% of the way to creating new reality. Listen to the patterns and signs and send me a message if you want a coach to establish good line of communication between your conscious and your subconscious.