Who are you? What are you? When are you in flow? What is your story? 

In one of my favorite research projects, scientists from Harvard showed the very practical implications of changing our story. Eighty-four hotel maids were divided into two groups. Researchers carefully examined the daily tasks of the workers, determining how many calories those tasks burned. Members of the group were told that the activities they performed every day met the surgeon general's definition of an active lifestyle, but the members of the second group weren’t given any information.

Fast-forward four weeks. The research team took new physical measurements of the women, only to be surprised by their findings. Within the group that had been informed about the positive effects of their work activities, a decrease in systolic blood pressure, weight, waist-to-hip ratio, and a 10 percent drop in blood pressure were found.

There is no objective reality. There are only stories. They make up our quantum reality. And the laws of quantum mechanics apply to your body as well: the observer can change the subject with their attention. 

Stories are the way we pay attention. Whatever is happening in the world out there, you will see it through your story. You will find exactly what you are looking for.

Every story is a mini-hypnosis that you unconsciously keep yourself in. The story is the lens—the filter through which you see your world. And it is very difficult to realize it’s there! Like trying to explain water to a fish.

As I suggested before, let's make 2017 the year of small steps. The first baby step is to catch one story that you live in and see your world through. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing—catch a small fish first. A small narrative. Like, “This is important for me because...” or “I cannot do that, because...”

The next step is to decide if there is anything you would like to change in your story. Just a small detail. Something that you could easily do differently. Again, we are waaay inside your comfort zone. 

Stay with this small change every day for the next eight weeks and you will have a new story on your hand! Possibly a new habit! Pat yourself on the back and just watch how your story unfolds.

If we are living the world through our stories, let's make sure they are great stories! This is the freedom that we all have, so let's grab it and be our own storytellers in 2017!