Imagine you and me standing on the deck of an ocean liner slipping across the Atlantic from London to New York straight as the crow flies. As it cuts through the wavelets, the massive ship shifts 0.1 degrees to the left. 

Did you feel it? I didn't and I would bet you didn't either. 

And now, where will we end up? Enjoying a mojito and a cigar in a hotel in Havana? Dancing on the beach in Rio de Janeiro? Or savoring a steak washed down with a bottle of Malbec in a Buenos Aires cafe?

What is the tiniest thing you can change in your life today? A barely perceptible teeny-tiny shift in direction today, that results with you ending in different place in the days after tomorrow's tomorrow. 

Choose not the biggest thing. Choose the smallest thing. 

Make 2017 easy on you. And marvel at your results. We are not even broaching leaving your comfort zone. Just chill into this new phase and New Year with small differences.

A good way to find what small thing to change in your leadership is to get familiar with where you are at. I developed a quick and easy way, the Archetype Leadership Quiz. Take the quiz in just 2 minutes, and feel into your archetype.