“I hate Liza. I hate her voice. I hate her whining. I don't want any good to happen to her. I want to spoil her fun!” 

Liza  is my client and in our session suddenly an inner saboteur showed up, this is her voice. She showed up around a conference table in Liza’s mind as an outside character, dressed as a black witch. 

In a meditation session like this we can meet inner and outer characters as well. The inner characters are part of the client’s personality, they are also called sub-personalities. 

Outside characters never identify with the client. They are outside voices whom the client internalized at one point in her life, and since then act like they have the right to tell the client how to live their life. Annoying, really. 

The way to deal with an outside character is to ask who called them in. In this case we meet little Liza, maybe around 18 month old. She is alone in her room in the dark, crying and at that point, the voice of Witch offers her some type of a council. Calms her down a bit. Maybe tells her that there is no use of crying, nobody will come save you. 

Now, 30 years later we finally meet the Witch, without her disguise. Next we do detective work to find out which inner mind knows about this Witch. We meet the Smith, who is the hard worker male mind of the client. He tells us that the witch does an awesome job keeping little Liza in check so Mr. Smith can do his work whenever he has to. 

So now we have to convince Mr.Smith that keeping the inner child a constant state of terror will no help anybody here and that we have to find a new solution!

“What do I get in return?” - asks the selfish Mr. Smith. I promise him the openness and curiosity of the child and he understands that he could use that in his work. 

Now we can let the witch go and next thing we know the table changes shape, it becomes round from elliptical shaped.

At the end of these session we are looking to create a New League to bring all the minds together. In this session we line up the minds for one purpose: let Liza succeed, so we set up the best way to move forward. The first casualty is the constant planning Liza runs in her mind, all the time. The whole planning process goes to the trash. 

Aligning our minds is often a simple but profound task and I suspect this was a function that was done by shamans, priests, doctors, medicine men all throughout our evolution. Just like you go the hairdresser to trim whats growing outside your skull, checking in with your republic of mind is the best way to trim and groom what is inside your mind.

And catch that saboteur finally!