“So after a few sessions I will never suffer these sort of pain again…. ever?

Justin is an art director at a premier ad agency. He suffers from a type of separation anxiety: whenever a deadline comes and he has to part with his work he is beset with crippling anxiety.

With his earnest eyes wide, he prods, "No fear? No anxiety? All gone?”

Without fail, the day his work is up for review, an excruciating pain grips his left shoulder.

“You know, this shoulder thing has always been there. I cannot imagine it leaving me even after our sessions." 

Well, is it possible to reach nirvana? Can we rid ourselves of all of our pain and suffering? Frankly, I do believe that we are all just a step away from enlightenment.

Is this what we are after with a few session? Not exactly.

The bad news is that old habits really do die hard. New habit forming takes about 60-90 days according scientific research.

The good news is that after our sessions the clients have the diagnostic equipment to realize if and when they are no more cool calm and centered. The big step is that they realize: something is off.

As if their pendulum of their life is now left the center position and it is off to somewhere towards the sides.

With this realization they are able to connect the dots now. It becomes clear which part of them is really hurting and why. It is not the adult in us who is afraid. Because that wound wasn't suffered in the now. That wound and those pains are feelings and emotions that are carried in their body and in their subconscious.

In our sessions we are able to rescue the part, most often an inner child, and reconnect her to the whole. In the end what is left is only a faint memory of these negative feelings.

If they come back to haunt us, if the client gets triggered, they now realize "Oh, this is this part of me again."

Now armed with knowledge, they can handle these emotional triggers. They can show love to that part of them and thus come back to being calm and centered again. They can bring back their pendulum to the center! Ahh.... Life is good.

And after a couple of months, in many cases, even these triggers will fade. So maybe not nirvana, but as close we're gonna get. 

Namaste y’all!


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