"How’s the business doing?”
“Good. Killing it, actually.”
“Really? What do you mean by that?”
“Uh, well, we usually pay our invoices on time these days.”
Zack is excited to talk about his new company. In his own personal reality, he believes they are humming along. 

I keep digging in: “Doing well can be measured by the number of months, or sometimes years, your company would stay operational if revenue dropped to zero.

"What would that number be for you, Zack? Six months? One year?”
Zack grimaces before he responds, “Six weeks. Maybe. Probably, closer to four weeks.” 

As we delve into his challenges together, he mentions he cannot bullshit me with business mumbo-jumbo like he has other consultants/coaches/therapists.
This is true. I bring hard-won experience of leading three startups and 19 years of consulting work to the table.
Together, we set a goal for Zack. We empower the creative thinking that involves both the conscious and the unconscious. Digging directly into his beliefs and underlying programming that forbid Zack to achieve success.
These are the subconscious programs that determine how we define success. They determine how we see our reality. By opening up the issues at hand, we set a PURPOSE and then access other realities we can PLAY with.
What if this is true? What if that is true? What is his business if they had 24 months cash on hand? What if he gives permission to himself never to worry again? We play with different realities and see what obstacle come up that we can clear.
Few days after our session Zack calls me right after his board meeting, yelling! "I think I just had a breakthrough. The board isn't fighting me on my vision for the new product line. The product will be based on such a different thinking that it will change the company forever.’ 

When you’re in a hole, sometimes it pays to keep digging. You may find treasure.



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