photo_purpose_and_play_lucid_living_ledger_ Why_Men_Should_Stop_Therapy_Now

When did “talking about a problem” really work? Maybe 1 out of 10 times? 

Listen up, men. If you feel like it definitely didn't work for you why don't you stop going to therapy, and focus on solving your problems instead.


Three important points:

1) Therapy through talking only engages the conscious mind, and the real problems always reside elsewhere, mostly in the unconscious. And talking certainly does not engage the unconscious. 

2) Talk therapy is best for women. It’s an emasculating way to handle problems for men. Men don't like to share what's bothering them and then circle around a problem talking about it from every which angle for hours and want to skip the talk and jump to solving problems NOW. 

3) From scientific research, we know that talking about trauma can re-traumatize you. The brain cannot tell the difference between imagined and seen. Don’t do this to yourself, again!

Talk therapy is way too 20th century. So what is 21st century? Methods that access the unconscious mind by engaging the body. (Women excel in these embodied modalities also so -- we have to catch up!)

Co-creation is my brand of coaching where we use the best of both worlds: the conscious mind and the creative unconscious, in a generative state. It’s called generative because we generate new solutions to old problems, solutions that stick, solutions you can turn into positive, winning habits.

Instead of talking about it, let’s just solve it. Don’t talk around it. Move right through it.  

Have a problem you want to solve, and finally leave behind?
Give it a go!

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