‘What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus?" Asks Cobb in the 2010 hit movie, Inception.

Cobb answers his own question, "An idea. Resilient. Highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate."

Welcome to the powerful world of ideas. While we harbor ideas that support us, many of us are infected with ideas that sabotage us too.

“Mistakes are always bad, I must never make one.”
“I'll never be happy.”
“My life will always be difficult.”

And the worst ones are these that attack the very basis of our personality:

“I don't deserve to be loved.” 
“I'd reject me too.”
“I'm not good enough.”

These ideas are manifestations of an underlying core belief of self-loathing. That self-loathing is the single most important obstacle between us and a happy, fulfilled life. 

What if I told you it is possible to clear these thoughts away? That we can go deep into our mind and cut the roots of these beliefs so they don’t grow into full formed ideas?

What if I told you inception is real?

Indeed, in co-creative coaching we do something akin to inception. Let’s follow how Cobb explains this to Ariadne, his fellow dreamscape builder. 

Cobb: You are the dreamer, you build this world. I am the subject, my mind populates it with projections of my subconscious. You can literally talk to my subconscious.
Ariadne: How else do you do it?
Cobb: By creating something secure, like a bank vault. The mind automatically fills it with information.

Co-creation can be equally thrilling as a movie. Together, we explore the strange, extraordinary worlds of clients’ subconscious together, and then decide if and when to open their own vaults and secret chests. 

Navigating across a land full of symbolism we search for, find and clear the root causes of clients’ negative core beliefs. We fill voids with positive new ideas. Waking up from a trance clients remember every step of the journey consciously, but the real work has already started in their subconscious. Their reality is shifting, new beliefs are growing, new ideas are forming, self-love is now a destiny they can choose.