Image credit: Jon Han, New York Times

Image credit: Jon Han, New York Times

- So what is this co-creative coaching all about? What do you really do in a session?

- Our aim with co-creative coaching is threefold: to achieve mindfulness, to create the capacity for deep personal connections and to manifest the client's purpose in life. 

- Let’s look at these one by one. First: what do you mean by mindfulness? 

- Mindfulness is active existence in the moment. I don’t dwell in the past, I don’t fret about the future, I am in the here and now. I use all my senses to just be. Breath this in, soak up the smells and the colors, look at the details using my focus and also my peripheral vision. In co-creative coaching, we achieve this by accessing the subconscious to clear those programs that stand in the way of mindfulness.

- Do you mean "functioning on autopilot"?

- Our autopilot works great when we drive a car and talk with a friend at the same time. When we get there we realize we have no idea how we got there. Our auto-pilot also breathes air and pumps our blood (isn't it great that we don’t have to consciously work our lungs and heart?). But when early childhood negative programing takes over, we say or do things that we don't want to say or do. Or we cannot do those things we do want to do. In our sessions, we build up communication with the client’s subconscious in order for them to be able to be more conscious in their life.

- Let’s talk about why personal connections matter that much!

- There is profound scientific evidence that, in the long run, personal connections are all that matter in life. This was conclusively proven in a 75-year longitudinal study on happiness recently published by Harvard University. Trauma can prevent us from developing these connections. Lack of good role models from childhood can hider our connecting. And nasty negative self judgement and the lack of self-love can stand between us and our loved ones. We cannot love others unconditionally when we don’t love ourselves fully. 

- How do you help clients get back this love in their lives?

- We tune in to their original self-love by repairing their connection to their inner child - the perfect and loving child they once were. Healing starts with this connection. New connections are all based on their love for their child self. 

- How can co-creative coaching help clients manifest their purpose?

- Using relaxation, we access the creative field of the subconscious to tune into their purpose and find ways to manifest it in their life. 

- Are you talking about a spiritual connection?

- To the extent that Einstein's Theory of Relativity or Tesla's electrical engine came from a spiritual field - yes this is that same connection. Einstein ran his thought experiments about traveling at the speed of light in his mind while daydreaming. Tesla build his engine and then ran it for ten thousand hours in his mind in order to see how wear and tear takes toll on the parts. Only then did he build the actual engine. I help clients to access this same field of creation, where they get answers to their questions and get guidance towards their purpose. 

- In your experience why do clients come to you?

- They come because they realize the fact that they are responsible for their own life. Either they are doing well but realize they can do so much better; they want to do great! Or, they realize that something from their past has been dictating their actions, behavior and feelings, but now they want to be in charge. This is where co-creative coaching starts.


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