Isabelle watched as her mother raised her hand and the first blow came down. She was beating up her small child again who was crying hard. But this time Isabelle came to the rescue. She stopped the beating and took the little child to safety.

Isabelle, who is an accomplished artist in her craft earning international recognition was on my couch fighting her demons from the past. Her mother’s violence scarred her for life, her childhood fear still haunted her daily. She had constant anxiety, she blew up at people all the time. She was alienating her business partners and her husband by reacting to them with the rage of the child who had been beaten, and angry and sad that no one defended her.

But that was then, and this is now -  and she just rescued her inner child, little Isa! She is the wounded inner child that continues to live on inside. For the sub-conscious mind everything happens in the present time so once her inner child can feel safe Isabelle instantly feels better.

The first step for her, and anyone else with this dilemma, is to realize that it’s not the adult self who is experiencing fear and anger.

Isabelle managed to keep her hurt suppressed for 40 years, meanwhile causing pain to herself and to her loved ones along the way. This suppression became the armor she carries. However, in order to suppress fear one has to suppress all emotions, like joy. She was not happy, she felt no joy before.

After we rescued her inner child and get her to safety we connect the inner child with the archetypal Mother force - another Jungian consciousness technology we utilize. Now slowly, day by day, knowing her little Isa is safe Isabelle gains back the power to choose freedom. Now her real journey to healing can begin. Only through loving your inner child can you begin to love yourself or the ones close to you.

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