Suzanne felt the fear again as the humongous lumps of cold rocks were about the crush her. She was back in her nightmare where meteors were charging at her and she was scared to her bones.
Only this time she was in a lucid dream; in a safe trance state in my office on the couch.  She saw it exactly as in her nightmares: Earth is in a distance, she is a lot larger than in real life, but these rocks are way bigger than her.  The meteors are speeding towards her to crush her, their destructive energies overpowering her.
We started our journey by uniting her with her higher self so she was protected by a white light when she found herself out in galactic space. When I asked her how she feels in her body she felt the pain around her solar-plexus. We dived into this pain to meet its root causes and that is how we went into the nightmare.
When I ask her to look down at her own body she realizes that she is made of pure white light in this space created by her unconscious. She also realizes she might not have a clear idea about her own strength so I invite her to feel her energy in her body.
Soon she is zig-zagging between the meteors and a little later her download starts, or should I call it upload? From the unconscious up to her conscious mind sentences start to form: ‘my happiness is within me, I do not have to search for it’. 'It doesn't matter what I do with my life if it generates from love.’ Sentences we heard and seen before but here they form a very personal message.
In co-creative coaching we often work with dreams in a state of lucid dreaming. We go deep into the dreamworld where our dreams and its characters are alive and they bring influential gifts and messages. 
The creatures of our dreams are often guides who we can invite into our waking consciousness once we were able to connect to them like Suzanne did.  And the scarier they are the more raw energy and power they hold – imagine your nightmares creatures join the fight on your side!
With the strength and knowledge gained from these session and practiced in real life is how lucid dreaming leads to lucid living. I heard back from Suzanne the next day, she messaged me to say that she is transformed! She feels like a new person.  

Do you have a dream that you always wanted to decipher? Do you have a nightmare you wish to understand?

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