I'll never forget the time when I stared into the eyes of the dragon. 

I was in my childhood home. The house was cold, empty and lonely. I wandered around inside, bumped into a few half-forgotten memories, when in the living room I observed a creepy black mist gathering. 

That day, instead of facilitating an inner journey for a client, I was on a journey. 

From experience, I know that a black mist is how my subconscious draws my attention to my hidden fears. I didn't know what would happen next, but as they say, the 'only way out is through', so I summoned my courage and spoke out loud: Bring it on! 

As I stepped into the yard, I flinched in surprise as my eyes were drawn upwards to a massive dragon hulking over the house.My guide asked me about how I felt about the creature. I could feel the heat of its breath, a breath that warmed me. 

"Look into its eyes."

And as I did, my fear was replaced by a sense of awe. I could see myself reflected in the dragon's eyes as they burned with strength, invulnerability, and a quiet rage. 

"Be the dragon."

I then felt one with its power and its fearlessness. 

Meeting and befriending our power animal is a consciousness technology practiced since times immemorial. With it, we can wake our powers that have lain dormant. We can access vitality, connect to our energy source and tap into a primal courage. Toughness, grit and vigor become our constant companions. 

The every day outer obstacles in our lives are easy compared to our inner obstacles: facing our fears, staring them in the eyes and going through them. 

Facing our fear internally makes us stronger. Perhaps that fear is our calling? Perhaps that fear has been waiting our entire life for us to conquer it? 

The adventure begins the moment you answer the call and take the first step on your inner journey.  Maybe you'll meet a dragon.