“Rule your mind or it will rule you.”  ~ Horace

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. She was succeeding as an artist in her craft, earning recognition from all over the world. Yet, on the inside she was scared. Events that scarred her during her childhood still haunted her and were affecting her life. She was alienating her business and romantic relationships by reacting to them with the rage of the child who had been beaten, and angry and sad that no one had defended her.

But that had happened in the past, and this was the present. If her mother attempted to beat her now, she wouldn’t be as afraid as when she was a child, since she would now have the ability as an adult to defend herself 

The first step for her, and anyone else with this dilemma, is to realise that it’s not the adult self experiencing fear and anger. It’s the wounded inner child that continues to live on inside. The trouble is that the sub-conscious mind know no time. Everything happens in the present tense. To realize that it is not the adult self that is afraid, zhis extremely important distinction is the first step of learning on the journey of healing.

She managed to keep these feelings suppressed for 40 years, meanwhile trying to ignore and forget all the pain she caused to her loved ones along the way. This suppression became a habit- the armor she holds. However, in order to suppress fear one has to suppress all emotions, like joy. She was not happy. She felt no joy. At this point she has a decision to make: “I want the next 40 years to be very different.... is that possible?” This decision is the second step on her journey of healing.

If she reached out and came to me for help, I would instruct her to do the following:

Imagine yourself at a crossroads.... One road leads to more of the repression and alienation you’ve experienced your whole life. You may push you partner too far, reaching a point that necessitates a divorce. Business partners can only hold onto your professional relationship for so long until they get frustrated with your negative effects and leave you. An illness can slowly grow out of the repressed emotions that are stored in the body.

On the other road you find yourself taking a deep breath, brace yourself and clear this trauma once and for all. Rescue your inner child from the trauma, make her right, cry those tears, and hold her fast. Understanding that there is a safe way to change your life and to choose this road is the third step leading to a healing journey.

On this journey you will not be powerless like you were as a child. I am here to defend and support you all the way. This is a safe journey. Being able to relive those nasty memories unharmed is already a win and something to be grateful for!

It’s important to also note that this is something that you already survived. You are here. To live through this experience firsthand was the toughest part. Going back to it with the purpose of healing will be relatively easier. Still tough - but not even close to what your inner child is afraid of.

We rescue the inner child and get her to safety with the help of your inner guides. After rescuing your inner child, you find new loving inner parents and you can spend a lot of quality time with them. This is a Jungian consciousness technology as well, where we connect you with archetypal force of Mother and Father. And don’t worry about punishing those who wronged you. Punishment on this etheric plane can finally set them free as well. Most of my clients experience a sudden positive change in their relationship with their parents.

You have the power to choose and you chose freedom. Now your real journey can begin. Your next 40 years will be very different. You showed yourself and the world just who is in charge in your life. It’s not your mother who beat you as a kid or your poor wounded inner child, who took the beating. It’s you, your adult self who decided to turn your life around.

Welcome to the journey of co-creative consciousness! Lets raise your vibration together and turn the lead in your life to gold. Many more awesome journeys to follow… 

If you have a similar journey and want take charge: get in touch! Let's talk!