What is that within your that the world needs? Have you ever asked that question? Is this question relevant to you? Do you have a purpose? Do you want one? Do you need one? At Purpose&Play we think so. In our co-creative coaching sessions we are connecting our clients with their purpose in life. 

A purpose is not a goal but a journey. We believe that goals are illusory and only the journey is real. Having a purpose nevertheless helps with goal-setting and prioritizing. Helps to develop one of our most important capacities: to say 'no'.

The decision to find our purpose is our answer to the calling. Joseph Campbell gave us the Hero’s Journey that starts with The Calling our hero answers - maybe after a refusal at first...

At Purpose&Play we guide our clients on the Hero’s Inner Journey. Their quest leads them through their inner world. Yes, there could be dragons to slay in there, but The Prize of Purpose lies therein as well.

Is it time to find out what the world needs from You?