We are in a trance state growing up. Before age 7 our brain works on a different frequency than in our adult life and what we experience goes straight onto “The Tape” - our recording of What Life Is. In adulthood most of the time we just play and re-play The Tape. 

Unresolved issues from childhood can create situations when we feel we cannot connect. Cannot connect to ourselves, cannot connect to others or to the moment. In these situation most of the time we cannot even tell what is wrong or why. We don’t know why we don’t know why!

With co-creative meditation you can change The Tape and find the resources to be present in the here and now as your adult self. By connecting to your inner child in a lucid dream journey you gain a powerful resource to deal with the present in the present. 

A much needed fresh air after the stale years of bad programming. 

If you would like to come up for air drop me a line!