If you have experienced how destructive your inner voices can be then you can imagine how powerful allies they could be - if only they were on your side! Our voices in our mind are there for a reason. They are our sub-personalities; Jungian archetypes with important messages. They want to support us but if they are not heard out they can be disturbing. We all have developed ways of arguing with the voices every day. Now we know that does not help.

Instead of arguing we can find a way to make peace with them by using co-creative meditation. This technique works with guided relaxation where we listen to your inner voices one by one by accessing the underlying archetypes. These archetypal figures mean well, but often they suffer from meme infections /cultural contamination: they pick up destructive messages, embody mean outside voices, try to enforce outdated cultural norms. In the session we listen carefully to all these voices, help them to put down their loads and join new supportive alliances behind your goals.

Yes, it is possible to get rid of voices that bother you around dawn or during the day and turn them into powerful allies. 

In the session we utilize our brain's lower frequencies in what they call 'alert trance'. These negative core beliefs got into our head in the same state, so getting rid of them we have to get back into this state. 

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