Purpose & Play

Live a Life of Purpose and Play


Purpose & Play

Live a Life of Purpose and Play

Hello and welcome to my practice!
My name is Balazs Laszlo Karafiath and Purpose & Play is my mindfulness-based coaching and training practice.

I am here to help my clients and their teams to break through and be even more successful. After three successful startups I know what it is like to face leadership obstacles. 10 years in my own personal development work in different kinds of therapies I know how to help to overcome these obstacles.

I found my purpose and that is to help you and your team find yours.

I started three successful companies as co-founder. Sziget Festival, the biggest music & arts festival in Europe, a massive Burning Man-size one-week event in the middle of Budapest. Carnation Group, a market leader online marketing and media agency that we later sold to WPP, now it is part of the Possible family. Darwins Marketing Evolution, a memetics research and consulting company working for top European multinational corporations.  

For the past ten years I have learned a lot from Andras Feldmar and Howard Teich, I grew immensely with their guidance. When I experienced the work of David Quigley and Stephen Gilligan I was able to make peace with my purpose. Now I am truly humbled to offer to help you help yourself to clear your inner obstacles and thrive. 

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my Practice

my Practice

FIND YOUR PURPOSE, soar in your leadership AND Crush your limits. 

We live in a volatile and uncertain world. Instead of finding something to hold on to, find and strengthen your core. I am here to guide you to ground yourself in your inner world. In our sessions and by creating your efficient daily practice you will thrive and not just survive in today's complex reality. Find your inner leadership. Get in touch with your true North. Find your own way. 

You know by now that the outside challenges are always the easier ones, while the inner obstacles could be crippling, hindering your progress. That is where I can help you to help yourself. In our sessions we put a unique focus on developing your abilities harnessing your creative powers you will open up new growth prospects and break through previous personal limitations.

Limitations are essentially stories. Stories that are sometimes unconscious. Stories about how and why we are not able to reach a goal. New stories can empower us just as much so with the new narratives we create in our sessions my clients can reach goals never thought possible.

One cool way to look at our own stories is to assess what archetypes we are embodying in our leadership.   


PURPOSE&PLAY: Intuition, INspiration, POWEr. 


Purpose&Play is for leaders who want to move towards living and leading from more consciousness. You can be leading a corporation, a company, a team, your startup or your cause in an NGO. You can be a leader in a movement or as an artist lead your followers to the culture your create. I believe that everybody who has a calling have the potential to make a difference as a leader.

Examples of focus issues in our leadership program:

  • How can I lead my team empathetically?

  • What are the real roots of the stress and anxiety inhibiting a healthy lifestyle?

  • How can I overcome obstacles affecting my daily interactions?

  • Why do I feel my emotions taking control of my logic?

  • Why do i find myself feeling powerless in team meetings?

  • How can I step into my full power?

  • How do I establish an efficient mindfulness practice to bring balance and calm into my life

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I def feel a change, every time I feel unhappy or guilty of what I have I bring my inner child into the room and he reminds me of the struggle, of how I’ve worked hard but most importantly, that I am STILL working hard and so there’s nothing to be guilty of. It’s been very helpful in that way, to know I deserve what I have because I’m awesome :). I want to do more of this. It’s a great tool to use throughout my day. I’d like to do another session sometime soon.

- D.M.


Had a sesh with Laszlo, It’s the real deal! Opened up subconscious blockers I didn’t realize I had!

- D.L.
Dear Laszlo, thank you for the session. I feel I am a new person.

- Henriett Braun
An unforgettable experience. Struggle and release. Tension and then calmness. A very exciting journey! Thank you for being my guide. Your method is unique and a must to be tried out!
- Andrea
Hi Laszlo, thank you for the session yesterday, really helped me to release some of the big issues that I carried in my mind lately.
- Silvestro
During my sessions with Laszlo I have been able to tune into a place of stillness and truth. A deep knowing of what is real for me without the noise or distractions. He has a beautiful way of guiding and leading clients while holding them in a place of potential and safety. I would absolutely recommend a session with him
- Lara Tabatznik, 42 acres

Why Purpose and Play

Why Purpose and Play

How can ‘play’ be as important as ‘purpose’? 

Play is a top motivator in company cultures, right after purpose. ‘Play’ here refers to enjoyment of the work itself—what employees actually do in their jobs; it doesn't mean ping-pong breaks or office happy hours. Play is a force of learning, and as a result, it's the defining feature of the most innovative organizations - according to this research report

Play can guide you to new realities. Ours is a co-creative method where we set a goal for my client and then we empower creative thinking that involves both the conscious and the unconscious.

In play we can access other realities we to play with. What if this is true? What if that is true? What is life is not really like that at all? What if I give permission to myself to trust again or to never to worry again? We play with different realities and see what obstacle come up that we can clear.

We co-create realities where together we can play, and with play we can explore and uncover purpose.




Below is an article from the January, 2016 issue of FORBES Hungary.

‘For two years I was staring at a linden tree’

Balazs Laszlo Karafiath's guardian-angels were working in full steam in the beginning of the new millennium while he was reaching his serious goals as a successful businessman. First he dived onto Monte Carlo's suburbs, then he was scooped up by ambulance from a construction site in Old Buda, which made him realize that for fulfillment and self-realization he does not necessarily have to paraglide to find the road to his goal. - Portrait by Zsolt Balla for the FORBES Hungarian Edition.


Living in California the forty three year old Mr. Karafiath has become a completely different person. In the 90’s, Balazs Szekfu (using still his birth-name) was well known by the Hungarian communication industry for his show at Tilos Radio and the founding of the Sziget Festival and the Carnation Web Agency. His looks, his habits and his character has also changed, that all together suggested that this must have been more than just 15 years of aging and the North Californian sun. 

He projects peace and harmony, which - who has known him early on would know - was not one of his strength. Right away I have challenged his calmness by showing up 20 minutes late to the scheduled interview. “I also got stuck in traffic, but I left on time.” - laughed (on the phone) with an obvious temperament that showed me that I would have to work way harder to piss him off ( or get him out of his balance).

The Feldmar years

In the middle of the 2000’s he realized that having accomplished companies did not make him content. That is when he had the opportunity to meet Andras Feldmar. They’ve worked together in a therapist-patient relationship from 2006 for a couple of years,  through skype and in person, using regular and also unorthodox styles of therapy. “ A big part of what I was earning, I spent on trying hard to put my life story back together.” - said Laszlo.

After he came back home - in 2006-2007, studied at Yale on a fellowship - he decided, that his biggest problem is the rhythm of his life, which he needed to slow down. Feldmar’s much used metaphor was that people move so fast that after a while they don’t realize there turns and intersections where they could have chosen other paths. “Since my companies were functioning well while I was away, I thought, what if I don’t go back to work? - which led me to move down to the lake Balaton Highlands, where I was practically staring at a linden tree for two years.” - explained Mr. Karafiath of his next step towards clarification.

The process was not slow and comfortable in all its elements. There were lots of things to face with, which needed to be laid out on a table. By Felmar’s suggestion he tried to share his thoughts and actions with his surroundings (for example with his parents), but did not expect change or input from it. The goal was to simply share his experience. 

“My community’s answer was surprising and encouraging. I apologized to countless people, whom I didn’t even know I’ve hurt before. The concept of love was foreign to me before and my relationships were built differently and I lived my life that way.”

Parental Hypnosis

After working with Feldmar Laszlo continued his self-recognition with San Francisco based psychotherapist Howard Teich who transformed their relationship from therapist-patient to teacher-student. Even though all the invested energy were bringing results, there  were lots of questions that needed answers. “ Ok, I understand and I know so much by now, so now what? I didn’t know why I still had a negative voice in my head bullying me all the time saying how lazy and useless I am, when the facts were showing neither. - added Balazs Karafiath, who got his answer to that question by hypnotherapy. 

“Couple of years ago I read a book from Bruce Lipton, who talks about how between age two and six our brain is in a hypnotic state where dreams and reality fades into each other, and when it approaches it stays with us, its carved in for life and the world will have this sign on it.” 

According to this theory the problem is, while tribal cultures in the world represent a colorful and complex picture to the people growing up in them a single parent or a nuclear family can  control the way their children see and get to know their surroundings: parents’ worldview  and attitude  gets hypnotized into their child even if they create negative core beliefs. According to this theory the only way to change these enduring scars, if one goes back to that subconscious state, where these “scripts” were born and can be overwritten.
For Laszlo this was the key to make peace with those voices in his head, also to block out the negative voices from outside. This inside monologue completely changed his attitude and behavior, which was a dramatic change. This methodology convinced Balazs Karafiath to become a student and finished a course in half a year that gave him his hypnotherapist practice. 

“Sadly since Freud, many people are afraid of the subconscious, they think that is where the bad things are.” - added, this fear is gratuitous, because if someone acknowledges his/her problem that needs to be solved and goes to a session, that already shows that the foundation of his/her adult self is well.

Karafiath got married this year and with his wife they are expecting their first child to born while spending few months in Hungary.  Just to be sure I ask him on a scale of 10 does he feel in place. “Ten” - he cuts in without thinking, then he hesitates. “The weather is awful, so let’s make it a nine and half.”